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Implement a development strategy that correlates to the unique drivers, priorities and objectives of your organization.

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Understand the science of selecting high-quality candidates who enhance your culture, lead effectively, and have the abilities to perform at a higher level.

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Job Assessments

The Science of understanding the potential of a candidate to reach maximum performance before you make the offer.

Assessing for Three Critical Roles

In addition to leadership selection, there are three roles across every organization the highest level of direct impact on business outcomes and congruently are the most commonly hired positions. That’s why our job assessment solutions focus on these three areas with a high degree of concentration. These critical roles are sales, customer service, and general administrative functions–all job families that a majority of organizations not only encompass but most commonly hold as open positions.

Science to Predict the Right Hire Every Time.

Hiring can be a tricky task. We all know how to go through the motions, but how do you know if you get it right? To us, it’s more important that you know how to determine and foresee quality candidates over securing a quantity of candidates. We’ve built our solutions to ensure you hire the best candidate every time.

Research shows that 71% of managers are not confident in their hiring decisions. We are here to change that and provide insight based on data, science, and the recipe of your organization to ensure you hire with confidence and security in your decision.

Two Options Based on Your Organization

WSA job assessments include two options based on the makeup and needs of your organization: Structured interviews and Web-Based Assessments.

Structured interviews assessments are ideal for lower volumes of assessments and a deep dive analysis, providing a deeper level of insight and data to guide your decision-making process.

Web-based screening assessments, in turn, are ideal for a higher number of assessments and a higher volume of candidates.

Structured Interview Assessments

Structured Interview Assessments

Web-Based Screening Assessments

Web-Based Screening Assessments

Our Position and Process

The job assessment process contains three components. Not every organization will undertake all three steps, it ultimately depends on the goals you’re trying to achieve and the assessments that are the best fit to meet those objectives. Regardless of your organization’s makeup or hiring needs, we always recommend a culture assessment be the starting point of the candidate journey. Skills are important, but culture is critical to ensuring you are looking at candidates who will thrive and perform at high levels within your company.

Culture is Still King

While each assessment can be purchased and utilized individually, our recommendation is that every candidate takes the culture assessment as the first part of the screening process regardless of role. This approach empowers the organization to know if the workstyle preferences of the candidate match how things get done at the organization. It provides a measurement of the level of enablement that will be needed if the candidate is hired and information on their specific innate behaviors and preferred work styles so you can pinpoint if they will struggle in certain areas or be able to reach high performance at a quicker pace.




Structured Interview assessments

Structured interview assessments entail a series of open-ended questions prompting feedback from the candidate with a construct that doesn’t lead them to assumptions on the right answer, but rather relies on their thinking and reaction to prompt the response.

With these assessments, the interviewer is looking for a talent-predictive response. The insight is developed on specific details the interviewer is seeking based on a variety of different answers the interviewee may provide.

These interviews are done over the phone and last in duration between 20 and 40 minutes per call. The outcome is a detailed report that shows a talent scorecard and talent fit for each specific role.



Web-based Screening Assessments

Web-based screening assessments have a unique drop-and-drag interface that allows the candidate to make a forced-choice within a range–denoting the maximum and minimum of each skill, trait or behavior being asked about in each specific question.

This unique approach to question style produces what we call a ‘fake-free’ assessment where they have to choose between two good options but cannot claim to be good at all things.

The assessment is very short and produces a talent report that maps out their talents to the talent needed for the specific role.

Our Approach Culture Insight

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