Employee Experience

A strong employee experience is built on what truly matters to your employees. Our unique combination of art and science ensures your leaders are focused on the levers that will create the best outcomes for your employees and your organization.

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Employee Engagement

A great employee experience begins with understanding the heartbeat of your organization—specifically the unique and specific nuisances of employee engagement. Let’s dive in.


Learn how to think about and capture the true essence of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging across your workforce.

Pulse Surveys

Learn how to gain actionable insights that compliment annual employee engagement efforts.

Lifecycle Surveys

Understand your employee’s experience during key moments in the employee lifecycle.


Know what matters most to employees worldwide with benchmarks and insights from WSAData.

Leadership Consulting

Enable leaders at each level of your organization for success with Leadership Consulting.


Learn about our business, meet our leadership, know what drives our passion for workforce performance, and gain a true understanding of what it's like to work with us.

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Our consultants are some of the world’s best when it comes to improving the employee experience. Learn their backgrounds, experience a little bit about who they are, both personally and professionally.

Project Management

Explore our delivery methods and available offerings for your organization.


Our partners mean the world to us, literally. We are proud to partner with the best and brightest to accelerate and provide added value to your employee experience solutions.


Explore our extensive resource library to gain insights on improving your workforce.

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Workforce Performance Lab

Learn how to drive high performance with data and research from the Workforce Performance Lab.

Articles and Best Practices

Leverage our library of articles and best practices for answers to common workforce questions.


Our blogs covering a wide-range of topics--from tidbits to trends to tips on best practices. Take a look, we are sure you'll find something useful.

Celebration Stories

See how we have increased employee engagement and organizational outcomes for our clients.

About WSA

Our promise to our customers.

Your business is important to us, and so is your workforce!

We founded, led, and grew what became the largest employee engagement research provider globally, Kenexa. Now, as Workforce Science Associates, we bring the same caliber of capable consultants, project managers, and researchers to deliver to you the science behind the employee experience. Supercharged by the world’s leading employee experience platform — Qualtrics™ and our cutting-edge science, we will empower you to realize the highest levels of employee performance. We have helped transform the performance of millions of employees. We would love to help you do the same.

Workforce Performance Down to a Science

To us, it is all about workforce performance. Because when your workforce is performing to its highest potential, when you know the organizational levers to pull to double — or triple performance and to keep your best doing what they do well, you create a workforce that is unstoppable. You can hire the very best, uncover the moments that matter to your people, maximize their performance, and be confident you are getting the most from them – every day.

We believe in the power of applying the right science to make people and organizations successful. We believe in empowering organizations to measure what matters and when it matters. So they, in turn, can motivate their people to work harder, stay longer, and care more. We believe that behavioral science is the ingredient for ensuring that you stay focused on the right things, at the right time, and at the right momentum. We believe that employee's lives are never better than when they are highly engaged and using their talents to contribute to a company they believe in.

And we know that you need a partner who has workforce performance down to a science.


By helping to create high-performing workforces grounded in science, discovery, and innovation, we contribute to the vitality of individuals, the success of organizations, and the progress of our society and our world.


To be recognized as the leading experts in creating high-performing workforces that are the best versions of themselves.


To empower workforces globally to know what works.

What You Can Expect From Us As Our Partner

These ten statements represent how we build relationships with our customers, partners, shareholders, and our community.

We rely on the Science. It’s what we do.

We embrace innovation. It shields us from mediocrity.

We are personally invested in our clients’ success.

We stay humble. There is always more to learn.

We will be honest. Even when it sucks.

We use laughter as the fuel to keep us energized.

We know integrity is never optional.

We own our mistakes. Then make them right.

We learn with our customers. Knowledge is a partnership.

We accelerate workforces. It’s our measure of success.

"At WSA, we are determined to provide extreme service, offer the most effective and innovative consulting, and deliver the very best business outcomes for our clients."

- Zach Canaday, Co-founder

It's All About the People

Meet Our Executive Team:

Zach Canaday, Co-Founder

Zach offers customers high-level strategy design and consulting services in support of their workforce strategies. He was the founding partner of WSA.

Prior to WSA, Zach was an executive at IBM, leading North American sales for IBM Kenexa’s brand segment. Zach was a Kenexa principal prior to its acquisition by IBM. Further, Zach acted as vice president of Kenexa’s behavioral science solutions, where he led Kenexa’s sales and business-development function within its behavioral sciences practice in North America. Zach sold and serviced numerous functions which included Kenexa’s survey, assessment, and leadership development solutions.

Zach’s focus has always been to help his clients improve their business outcomes through hiring the very best talent and optimizing the performance of their workforce. Zach has worked as a founding principal of Workforce Science Associates since October 2016. Zach has worked at a high-level as an executive since October 2000 — twenty years as a workforce science executive.

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Kris Erickson, Workforce Science Associates, WSA, Performance Workforce, Employee engagement companies

Kris Erickson, Co-Founder

Kris Erickson currently serves as co-founder and executive consultant for Workforce Science Associates. In this role, she empowers organizations to discover the unique drivers and motivational aspects that drive performance in their workforce and use these to accelerate a high-performance culture.

Prior to this role, Kris was a member of the leadership of IBM/Kenexa’s workforce sciences practice. She was responsible for ensuring client relevance related to behavioral science solutions including employee engagement research, leadership development, and assessment tools and consulting. She also served as an executive consultant for the assessment and survey practices within IBM. She was an integral part of strategic discussions with senior executives focusing on HR needs and using survey benchmarks, best practices, case studies, and other IBM research initiatives.

Kris has also served as the senior vice president of HR for a healthcare company and was instrumental in designing leading-edge human capital strategies that fueled the sustained 30% growth of the organization.

Kris has over 25 years of consulting experience with Fortune 500 companies. In this capacity, Erickson worked at both the strategic and tactical levels to develop and deploy comprehensive workforce solutions.

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Bill Erickson, Workforce Science Associates, WSA, Performance Workforce, Employee engagement companies

Bill Erickson, Co-Founder

Bill has played a key role in building and studying great companies for over 40 years. His early background in psychology and education prepared him for his introduction to the corporate world. After fifteen years as executive vice president of the Gallup organization, he was a founder of Human Resource Innovations, later to become Kenexa. Before Kenexa was acquired by IBM in 2012, it had quickly become, by far, the largest provider of employee research.

While serving as Vice Chairman of Kenexa, among his many executive responsibilities was his consistently led executive-level consulting teams and thought leadership initiatives. Bill is uniquely qualified as an HR thought leader having played critical roles in building and transforming great organizations while directing a massive body of innovative research on workforce performance. He is a highly rated speaker/presenter whose audiences also benefit from his many insights learned from studying elite talent, ranging from superstars in the NBA, NHL, and NFL as well as some of the very best managers and leaders at every level from the front-line to the C-Suite. Bill is currently a founding member of Workforce Science Associates.

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Our Culture of Caring

Our culture centers around humbleness, approachability, and our desire to always get better. Expertise is important to us at WSA but so is being a partner to our customers, opening your mind to new ideas, having fun, and consistently moving the needle — and that is what we will always do.

We aren't kidding when we say we are passionate about our clients. We take our role in your success personally. When you win, so do we.

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