Define and maximize the employee experience, accelerate performance, and build a culture of belonging.

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Implement a development strategy that correlates to the unique drivers, priorities and objectives of your organization.

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Understand the science of selecting high-quality candidates who enhance your culture, lead effectively, and have the abilities to perform at a higher level.

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Selection Accelerated

Understanding the science of selecting high-quality candidates who become high-quality employees.

Selection Cannot Be Ignored

At the core of every successful company sits the talent that built it and continues to propel it forward. From straightforward hiring needs of a start-up to the complexities of a scaled-up, multi-national workforce, every organization faces unique challenges that require finding the right people to meet the moment.  This becomes more difficult as companies grow.  Given the state of the labor market over the last year, as people begin to make their way back into the workforce or transition into new roles and industries, organizations are faced with the challenge of identifying those candidates with the talent, skills, and potential to succeed in critical roles.

As an organization, you’ve created momentum with your workforce. You know your culture, you know who delivers high performance, and you also know the more people you hire the more challenging it becomes to sustain that momentum. The science of selection is knowing what drives high performance and retention at your organization, and how to identify that in candidates before they come on board.


Selection is a Science

Assessments have been around for a long time as a resource for organizations. Yet, most selection assessments fall short of truly looking at all components that matter: natural talents acquired skills and work-style preferences.  Beyond selection, how will these critical talents, attributes, and preferences be nurtured, developed, and aligned to your company’s environment and culture?

Understanding the dynamics of your leadership team, the way work gets done at your company and the values that drive a sense of belonging all work together to create a high-performing team. It’s not just about knowing who could be successful at the job. The key is identifying who will be an engaged and productive member at YOUR job in YOUR company.


How the Process Unfolds

WSA selection tools were developed by applying scientific methodology to understand what defines success, differentiates excellence from average, and minimizes risk of selection bias/adverse impact.  As a result of this validation process, the assessments are designed to accurately predict which candidates will excel and potentially stay longer. Through an understanding of what success looks like within your company, we deploy assessments that provide insight into which candidates would enhance the culture, maximize company strengths, and fill gaps in areas of need to help accelerate workforce performance.

Culture Assessment

The culture alignment assessment matches people’s work-style preferences with the realities of how work gets done at your organization. Culture has a substantial impact on employee motivation and commitment, hence it’s the tie that binds retention and engagement and therefore reflects an employee’s likelihood to stay longer and willingness to work harder. When done well, this alignment fosters a sense of engagement, belonging and increases retention but also encouraging an open environment of diverse thinking and ideas.


Leadership Selection Assessment

The WSA leadership assessment scientifically validated and aligned with our “Engage and Equip” employee engagement model to understand a potential leader’s ability to engage the workforce and execute high results. All these areas are critical to the employee experience and maximizing performance. Your organization can not only feel confident you are hiring high-performing leaders but leaders who will move the needle in driving your workforce forward.

Job Assessments

WSA Job assessments are focused on three critical organizational roles: sales, customer service, and administrative roles. Structured interview assessments are recommended for lower volume roles where a deeper level of insight is needed before a decision is made.  Web-based screening assessments are ideal for a higher volume roles where decisions need to be made with understanding and speed.

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