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Qualtrics Explained: Why it Matters

As a firm focused on empowering the employee experience for workforces and organizations globally, we are proud of the difference we make through our consulting, content, and delivery expertise.

Our science-based focus on the voices of millions of employees is what sets us apart from the competition. But another important aspect of the value we provide to our customers is our partnership with Qualtrics® XM™. Qualtrics XM is the world’s number one employee experience technology provider.

WSA has been a member of the Qualtrics Partner Network (QPN) since 2018. For us, the past several years partnering with Qualtrics have been a wonderful ride. We immediately connected with the people and culture of Qualtrics and absolutely love working with our customers. We were proud to be awarded Qualtrics Employee Experience Partner of the Year, and even more proud that today WSA is the largest implementor of Qualtrics Employee Experience Solutions. We implement programs with four of the Fortune 10 and 24% of the Fortune 50. In fact, we implement over 400 unique programs annually on the Qualtrics employee experience platform, reaching millions of employees all over the world.

This experience has given us a unique level of expertise with the Qualtrics platform. The sheer volume and scope of projects we have administered means we can legitimately say we’ve been there and done that – making mistakes and learning from them all along the way.

As for what you may learn in our new Qualtrics Explained series, here are just five examples of the depth and breadth of Qualtrics, all topics we’ll be writing about:

  1. Qualtrics is equipped with over 60 pre-built integrations. Qualtrics enables integrations with virtually any internal system you may be using. And because Qualtrics is “open” it offers pre-built integrations with a variety of third-party applications. Clients have a host of integration options. We’ll share the integrations we like and the approaches to integration that work best.
  1. Reporting dashboards are a blank canvas. From its inception, Qualtrics was designed with the goal of handling any and all employee listening use cases imaginable. To do this, Qualtrics offers completely configurable dashboards capable of unique views for any project and user type. We are frequently asked which widgets, visualizations, analytics, and resources are best suited for various project types. We’ll share the most widely implemented and best practice options available.
  1. Just because you can ask it, doesn’t mean you should. Should I measure eNPS? Which item response type is best? Should I use branching logic or separate survey versions? How many items are too many? How do I best incorporate comments or leverage Text iQ? The list of options related to survey design is seemingly endless. We’ll help you know what works.
  1. Lots of feedback = lots of data. We have customers who are running over 100 unique listening projects every year. This includes everything from always-on feedback to trigger-based lifecycle touchpoints to pulse and census surveys. This results in a massive amount of data. We will share the best approaches to consolidate your employee feedback and convert this data into actionable insights.
  1. Governance, governance, governance. I can’t overstate how essential a sound governance policy is for collecting employee feedback, especially if you have employees in Europe and are subject to GDPR. If you are considering opening up Qualtrics to managers or business units, there are several implications to consider, such as the impact on your employee directory, role types, permissions, confidentiality, and legal compliance. Sounds fun, right? Maybe not, but the bottom line is that governance is important, and we can help.

In summary, Qualtrics is a robust platform with 13,000 clients  including 75% of the Fortune 100, it has to be. As a user, this means you have choices which is good. But as good ole Uncle Ben said, “with great power comes great responsibility.” That’s why we are opening up our doors to share what we’ve learned. I hope you’ll stay tuned!

Read more about our partnership with Qualtrics and the WSA delivery methodology.

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