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Implement a development strategy that correlates to the unique drivers, priorities and objectives of your organization.

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Understand the science of selecting high-quality candidates who enhance your culture, lead effectively, and have the abilities to perform at a higher level.

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Leadership Selection

The science of selecting leaders purposefully and accurately.

Leading Workforce Performance

Leaders are one of the largest driving forces behind workforce performance — they influence all aspects of the employee experience. Understanding the strengths, weaknesses, and gaps of individual leaders and your collective leadership team can lead to powerful insights that drive culture, impact performance, and inform talent strategies for a company.  It starts with having the right leaders in place and applying a proven science that identifies the critical traits and competencies aligned with outstanding leadership outcomes.

Essentials of Leadership Effectiveness

The WSA Leadership Assessments were designed to identify potential and develop those behaviors that empower all areas critical to the employee experience and performance. With a development model aligned with our Engage & Equip Model, the selection assessment is used to identify leaders with the potential to grow key behaviors that drive performance and lead others toward excellence.  Your organization can not only feel confident you are hiring high-performing leaders but leaders who will move the needle in driving your workforce forward.

Selecting High Potential Leaders

Measuring key traits allow organizations to identify potential and bring on leaders who can further develop and apply the essential behaviors for high performance.  These traits have been found to differentiate top potential in leadership and are likely to have the greatest impact on influencing employee performance and engagement.  Our goal is to ensure your selection process helps you select high-performing leaders but also assists in filling gaps and meeting needs in your collective leadership team competencies. As your organization grows and strengthens, so should your leadership.

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Selection Based on Science

A large well-known manufacturing and food organization underwent a leadership effectiveness initiative. Through the leadership assessments, this organization gained aggregate insights to inform large investments of who they were targeting from a leadership selection standpoint. They created success profiles to enhance their leadership progression, succession, and hiring efforts as well as honed in on their current leadership training and development efforts. This resulted in an evolution of both efforts that drove down expenses while driving up return on investment from current, new, and prospective leaders.

increased retention over those who are misaligned to the culture

higher engagement than those who are unfavorable to culture.

higher engagement than those who are culture neutral.

Two Leadership Assessment Pathways

The assessment breaks apart into two areas for organizations: leadership selection and leadership development. Both areas use the same science and best practices to ensure a powerful result. In this section, we discussed leadership selection. To learn more about the application of our leadership development assessments visit Development Accelerated.

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