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We can help with almost any aspect of your workforce engagement strategy, including survey project management, consulting and analyzing, and delivery or execution Our team boasts on average, 18 years of project management experience and 30 years of consulting experience—and we want to put it to work for you.

Project Management

Project management is about producing a plan that complies with your objectives. We work to shape your process into a well defined and easily executable system. Doing so will help you achieve the efficiency that you know is attainable.

Our project management is about utilizing systems and science to streamline your business.
Our methods for success include:


  • Management of project plan, timeline and survey implementation deliverables
  • Survey configuration
  • Translation services
  • Program branding
  • Import and mapping of all of your historical data
  • Communications management
  • Organizational mapping
  • Survey administration
  • Reporting dashboard design and configuration
  • Technology training
  • Ongoing technology advisement and support


With an average of 30 years consulting experience, we are experts at answering questions and providing guidance at any point in your employee engagement journey. We can help you understand, analyze and tell the performance story of your organization. From what data to focus on, when to ask, when to hold, what to avoid, how to act and what to ignore. Our consulting offering includes four quadrants of services, we can assist with individual quadrants or all of them, the choice is yours.

Quadrant One: Survey Design


  • Survey instrument design
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Consultation on relevant benchmarks
  • Analysis of results, including linkage analysis
  • Executive dialogs and onsite presentation of survey results
  • Targeted recommendations proven to move the needle on engagement
  • Facilitated action planning with proven tools and resources
  • Engagement champions training (i.e. survey best practices)
  • Comprehensive coordinated listening strategy and design
  • Ongoing engagement and employee listening program advisement and support

Quadrant Two: Audit and Optimize


Whether it is a revealing audit of your past strategies or a diagnostic of your future needs, we provide a comprehensive workforce engagement plan that is guaranteed to save you money and be highly effective at moving the needle and making a difference for your business. 


    • A customized strategy that reflects your unique culture and addresses your most pressing business objectives
    • An audit of past strategies and efforts
    • Diagnosis of future needs
    • Technology solution that works specifically with your business

Quadrant Three: Analyze and Act


As part of our comprehensive plan, we provide intelligent analysis of your data to best tell the performance story of your workforce. This also includes:  


    • Helping executives distinguish between what’s truly important, and what’s only interesting or irrelevant.
    • Providing an effective and ongoing executive dialog to ensure the senior leadership team is focused on the things that matter the most.
    • Employing a proven system to ensure that every leader in your organization understands the priority impact issues for their team or group.

Quadrant Four: Educate and Improve


We provide the training, support, and accountabilities to ensure that every manager and leader executes actions that matter.  


  • Identify your very best leaders and leverage what they know to benefit from your own best practices.
  • Stage important executive discussions
  • Conduct further research about mission-critical issues so you can better capitalize on them to improve your recruiting, engagement, and employee brand.


We’ve partnered with Qualtrics, a leading technology provider, to bring you a delivery system that’s proven, smart and powerful.

We won’t push you to use Qualtrics, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. If you have a platform you’re already using and don’t want to change—we’ll go full speed ahead with your current system. If you don’t, we’ll let you know what we recommend that fits your needs, and your business best.

You see, Qualtrics believes in bettering the human experience, and so do we. So, for business who need a more robust system to make the sometimes over whelming ocean of data simple—Qualtrics is the perfect fit.