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Workforce Science Associates Launches New Workforce Performance Lab

Press Release: June 28, 2022

Workforce Science Associates Launches New Workforce Performance Lab to Help Organizations Optimize Employee Experience and Success

The Lab Delivers Powerful, Validated Data and Insights on Key Phases of the Employee Experience.

Lincoln, Nebraska (June 28, 2022) – Workforce Science Associates today unveiled its new research institute, the WSA Workforce Performance Lab. The foundation of the lab is WSAdata, its global normative database. During the last three years, WSA has delivered more than 1,100 employee experience programs and surveyed over 10 million employees in more than 140 countries across 20 different industries. WSAdata has consolidated more than 116 million survey responses to its database.

Through their partnership with WSA, the organization’s leaders and human resources departments will gain access to pertinent data and expertise on the science that drives high-performance workforces, understand current trends and behaviors, and gain knowledge of the evolving levers that drive a sense of belonging, engagement, and other outcomes that accelerate workforce performance and experience.

The WSA Workforce Performance Lab’s philosophy encompasses three critical components that work together to address the current and future needs of clients:

  1. Apply the most robust and relevant science.
  2. Leverage the very best technologies.
  3. Remain laser-focused on improving workforce performance and experience.

“Essentially the Performance Lab was created to represent the engine behind our solutions, expertise, and continued growth,” said Cameron Klein, Ph.D., Executive Consultant, and leader of the WSA Workforce Performance Lab. “It provides precision around the integration of our knowledge and evidence-based solutions that are driven by science, research, and discovery, which enable innovation and makes companies better. The application and know-how for delivering best practice programs is powered by Qualtrics’ cutting-edge technology.”

With more than 40 years of experience in employee research, WSA has been studying the employee experience, and the company is constantly applying what they learn from the data to optimize organizational behavior and performance. Being able to make recommendations based on scientific data is what differentiates WSA in the marketplace. Furthermore, WSA has conducted more implementations on the Qualtrics EX platform than any other company in the world—giving them a keen understanding of how to apply technology in the best way

The Workforce Performance Lab recently analyzed data from hundreds of customers during 2021, found five key drivers that enhanced employees’ intent to stay during a time when many have been lured away for greener pastures. This research breaks down strategies to increase employee retention in several industries, such as finance and insurance, manufacturing, and retail.

About Workforce Science Associates Formed by members of Kenexa’s legacy management team and consisting of employee engagement subject matter experts, Workforce Science Associates offers expertise in optimizing talent and team performance that has been proven to transform companies and communities. For more information, visit

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