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No Pegs, No Holes Makes Amazon Best Selling List

Press Release: August 22, 2018

New book written by Workforce Science Associates co-founder Bill Erickson, an ex-Kenexa, IBM and Gallup executive, helps individuals and organizations realize elite performance

Lincoln, Nebraska – A newly published book that shows organizations the path to elite performance is on the Amazon best seller list. The book – No Pegs, No Holes – The Psychology of Elite Performance – is written by Workforce Science Associates co-founder Bill Erickson and was first published in the spring.

In the book, Erickson teaches organizations how to combine a more appropriate behavioral science with better measurements to uncover a new way of reacting to and investing in people and the workforce.

The book is based on 40 years of experience doing research, consulting with executive teams and building companies. Erickson co-founded Kenexa, one of the largest providers of employee research and technology for human resources until it was purchased by IBM in 2012. He also served as an executive vice president at Gallup for 15 years. He is a founder of Workforce Science Associates with former Kenexa and IBM executives Zach Canady and Kris Erickson.

As a founding member of Workforce Science Associates, Erickson continues to consult and educate workforce professionals and business executives through a series of in-person and digital education platforms.

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