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Legacy Kenexa Leadership Forms Workforce Science Associates

Press Release: May 8, 2018

Three former executives of Kenexa, a leading provider of human resources technology acquired by IBM in 2012, today announced they have formed Workforce Science Associates, an HR consulting firm dedicated to creating engaging employee experiences.

Bill Erickson, a founder of Kenexa, along with former Kenexa leaders Zach Canaday and Kris Erickson, launched Workforce Science Associates to provide its customers with full-service, end-to-end employee engagement and consulting experiences that few companies can match. Workforce Science Associates already serves several enterprise clients across the United States.

Workforce Science Associates is an official business partner of IBM.

“The trend in employee engagement is for HR technology providers to scale back and eliminate the consulting aspect of it,” said Canaday, CEO of Workforce Science Associates. “Technology is only part of the equation. We believe the best way to deliver business outcomes for our clients is to work closely with them so they can have a better understanding of what motivates their people, so they can perform at the highest level possible.”

To best serve its clients, Workforce Science Associates acquired a license from Confirmit, an industry-leading technology provider with more than 20 years of experience in the HR technology space. Confirmit provides technology for more than 30 million surveys annually and supports many of the largest companies around the world.

“We’re passionate about helping organizations hire the right people for the right job and establishing a culture that enables employees to maximize their performance,” said Kris Erickson, partner, and director of consulting for Workforce Science Associates. “We are now in a position to take our passion to the next level.”

“Workforce Science Associates is the best option for those familiar with Kenexa because we combine the best-consulting practice in the industry with leading-edge technology to everything we do,” Bill Erickson said. “We offer consistency and continuity for companies who want to use the Kenexa survey program.”

Bill Erickson recently published a book, No Pegs, No Holes – The Psychology of Elite Performance, to teach leaders how to create the best workplace by focusing on identifying the best in every employee. No Pegs, No Holes is available here or

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