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We’re Not A Handshake… We’re A Hug.

March 7th – 10th, about 10,000 people descended upon Salt Lake City to attend the Qualtrics Annual X4 Summit. Eleven of us, decked up in our WSA gear, boarded flights, trains, and automobiles (well, to be fair, no trains were a part of our itinerary) to attend this summit.

The conference itself was an outstanding production. Qualtrics did an incredible job of gathering some of the brightest minds to deliver keynotes that left everyone in the audience inspired. Every single detail was expertly planned down to the custom Qualtrics socks that were included as a part of the swag bag and the Qualtrics onesies that were gifted to moms who utilized the mother’s room. The entertainment was spectacular and included Tony Hawk and The Killers. After letting my 8-year-old son look through my pictures and videos (including a record-setting science experiment with none other than the NASA Engineer turned YouTube Creator Mark Rober), he said, “Mom. It just looks like you were having fun and not actually working”. He has a point… when work looks like fun – you know that this event was done right.

As a business partner of Qualtrics, my initial thought was that this event was simply about WSA gaining some sales leads, drawing in some new business, and continuing to put WSA’s name on the map. While it was a little bit about that, everything started to become about so much more.

The event boasted 10 keynote speakers, 10,000 attendees and over 100 different breakouts and as I stood in this convention center and took it all in, it really started to dawn on me that this event was about what ALL our WSA business really is about – the people. We have cultivated a culture of employees who like to work hard, but we really love to build relationships. Countless clients ran into our booth for a hug from WSA. They were so excited to see us and our WSA team was just as excited to see them (if not more). These reactions were priceless, and it got me thinking that we are really doing something great here at WSA. We are more than a transaction. We are more than a contract. We are a hug. We want to make people’s jobs and lives more enjoyable. We love getting work done and we love doing it well, but we also love creating lifelong relationships with our clients. I feel like this relationship building is what makes us so great at what we do. We have a personal investment into our client’s success. When they win, we win. We are driven to help our clients succeed.

Some businesses feel like a handshake. WSA feels like a hug.


Jessi Tebo, Project Manager, WSA

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