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Why What We Do Matters

By helping create high performing workforces grounded in science, discovery, and innovation, we contribute to the vitality of individuals, the success of organizations, and the progress of our society and our world.

In the midst of a global pandemic, unemployment at depression-era levels, and unprecedented racial division that has exposed the most vulnerable of our society—I wanted to take a moment to share WSA’s perspective.

At WSA, conducting employee research—measuring what matters to enable leaders to create more moments that matter for their people—is what we do best, and it’s why what we do matters so much right now in these times of chaos.

There is tremendous power in capturing an individual’s confidential input, feelings, and views then applying the right science for raising up hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of these collective voices so that leaders can more effectively care for, motivate, develop, and earn the trust of their employees.

Right now, at this moment, we’ve never felt so motivated and committed to doing timely, relevant research that makes people feel heard, understood, and valued.  In fact, there may never be a more important moment.

At WSA, we’ve leveraged over 40 years of research to respond to and counsel leaders. We want to aid leadership in being proactive when it comes to making decisions about their people—guiding them to look through the windshield versus the proverbial rearview mirror.

For example, there is potency in understanding the plight of the young parent who worries about adequate and safe childcare when she or he returns to work; understanding the long-tenured corporate employee who suddenly found themself in a home office for the first time in their career and longs to return to the office; the recently furloughed front-line worker who no longer can make ends meet, or the young professional suffering from unfair pay, promotion, or performance management due to unconscious bias in the workplace.

At WSA, we need to do our job better than we’ve ever done before—it’s a charge that we take very seriously and it is why what we do matters.  When people feel heard, understood, and valued—amazingly they are much more open to hearing, understanding, and valuing others—and we all need much, much more of this now—let’s all commit to making this our “new normal”.

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