Applying the Science to Know What Works

Our Approach

With decades of consulting experience, we are experts at answering questions and providing guidance at any point in your journey. If you aren’t sure where to begin, we can kick-off the journey for you. If you have a current strategy and need to optimize or strengthen it, we can conduct an audit and take it piece-by-piece. We’ll help you analyze your current state, act accordingly based on current landscape, educate leadership, executives and your workforce, and ultimately improve the state of performance in your organization.

It starts with measuring engagement levels to truly learn the heartbeat and pulse of how you motivate your employees to work harder, stay longer, and care more. This insight, driven by science, drives the art of knowing how to make leaders more effective, culture more powerful, and ensure each employee’s experience is powerful and impactful.

Our Process

The art of designing the process to ensure we capture the science of workforce accurately and efficiently is key to successful outcomes. We do this through four areas of service: Analyze, Act, Educate, and Improve. These four areas help you understand what data to focus on, when to ask, when to hold, what to avoid, how to act, and what to ignore. We can assist with individual quadrants or all of them, the choice is yours.



Whether it’s a revealing audit of your past strategies or a diagnostic of your future needs, we provide a comprehensive workforce performance plan that is guaranteed to be highly effective at moving the needle and making a difference for your business.

  • A customized strategy that reflects your unique culture and addresses your most pressing business objectives
  • An audit of past strategies and efforts
  • Diagnosis of future needs
  • Technology solutions that work specifically with your business
  • Survey instrument design
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Consultation on relevant benchmarks
  • Analysis of results, including linkage analysis


As part of our comprehensive plan, we provide an analysis of your data to best tell the performance story of your workforce and aid in the action planning process.

  • Helping executives distinguish between what’s truly important, and what’s only interesting or irrelevant
  • Providing an effective and ongoing executive dialog to ensure the senior leadership team is focused on the things that matter most
  • Employing a proven system to ensure that every leader in your organization understands the priority impact issues for their team or group
  • Targeted recommendations proven to move the needle on engagement
  • Facilitated action planning with proven tools and resources


We provide the training, support and accountabilities to ensure that every manager and leader executes actions that matter.

  • Identify your very best leaders and leverage what they know to benefit from your own best practices
  • Stage important executive discussions
  • Executive dialogs and onsite presentation of survey results
  • Engagement champions training (i.e. survey best practices)


Once the needle starts to move, we want to continue increasing performance and engagement. This requires ongoing data review, continuous performance analysis and regular, scheduled discussions.

  • Conduct further research about mission-critical issues so you can better capitalize on them to improve your recruiting, engagement and employee brand.
  • Comprehensive coordinated listening strategy and design
  • Ongoing engagement and employee listening program advisement and support

Our Methodology

The Science of the Employee Experience journey begins with engagement. Measuring engagement uncovers the listening points that matter most and the right words and timing to achieve appropriate and accurate listening habits that garnish results.

The key to developing a higher performing workforce is understanding where your organization is and knowing the right levers to pull, over time, to make progress. This insight is gained from an employee engagement survey—the heart of the science of a high performing workforce. It helps us understand the levels of motivation, commitment and conscience of your workforce—of every employee, every day. It’s the temperature check on the level of engagement—a base line to what folks care about, and what they want to weigh into across the organization—it’s the “I want to...” heart of your workforce.

This gives us a focus to understand the enablers of high performance for leadership, what the key factors of great leaders are across your organization that drive engagement, and how to coach those attributes to increase leadership effectiveness. It also unveils the factors that equip and contribute to what employees are able to do. If employees are appropriately equipped with the right tools, processes, and resources, they will be enabled to perform at their highest level. In other words, they will be equipped to be more engaged.

Once we have measurement and insight into what drives employee engagement, the factors needed to equip employees to do their job, and what contributes to great leadership, we understand what matters so we can create moments that matter most. For some organizations, it’s onboarding or exit interviews. For other organizations, it’s defining culture or development plan strategies, while for others the main focus should remain on building engagement—it may be too early to think about creating moments if we first need to increase engagement and the “care factor” of your workforce.

A great employee survey is part art and part science. Your company is unique and your employee experience program should be as well. Our goal when listening to employees is to measure what matters most to them and then equip leaders to get laser focused on taking actions to improve their team's performance and ultimately, the company's performance.

- Kris Erickson, Managing Consultant, WSA

Future Vision

Future Vision: Employees who believe in and embrace a bright future for the organization and who find real meaning and purpose in their work.


Communication: Employees who feel that they are given the information they need in order to be effective and feel included, but also feel heard.

Leadership Trust

Leadership Trust: Employees who believe their leaders embrace values that resonate with them and understand how those values are reflected in organizational priorities.

Involvement and Belonging

Involvement and Belonging: Employees who feel cared for, involved, and who experience a strong sense of belonging.

Growth & Development

Growth & Development: Employees who are motivated by future opportunities and feel that they are growing and learning in their job.


Recognition: Employees who feel that their contribution and productive efforts are recognized in appropriate, timely, and meaningful ways.

Our 360 Feedback Survey Strategy

360 feedback has a time, a place, and a purpose. The strategy, item design, and output are intended to gather feedback and insight that measure specific behaviors exhibited by managers from those who work with them every day. Specifically—learning how someone interacts with, listens to, communicates with, motivates, recognizes, inspires, holds accountable, develops, and encourages those they work closely with as equals, managers, and reports.

360 feedback can be a valuable tool when used for the right purpose, and especially when used in combination with the science of what drives high performance at your workforce has been uncovered. That formula sets the foundation for moving the needle and taking an individual feedback approach to managers utilizing a 360-feedback survey.

To learn more about our 360-feedback survey offering, read our blog on creating an effective 360 feedback survey, or contact us directly.

Our Pulse and Lifecycle Surveys Approach

Our Pulse and Lifecycle Surveys Approach

These surveys offer two different benefits and functions for your organization. Each one examines and uncovers information to provide insights—but for different desired outcomes.

A pulse survey is intended to capture a feeling around something that is important to your business. For example, if your CEO just cascaded a new long-term strategy and you need to know the level of understanding, belief, and motivation around that strategy. This could be gathering insights on the workforce as a whole, or a certain department or group that is critical to the success of those efforts.

A lifecycle survey focuses on just that—a portion of the employee lifecycle that is critical to your organization’s success, revealed by the annual engagement survey. These surveys could focus on onboarding, manager effectiveness, or performance surveys, for example.

Our Consulting Team

Our consultants are top notch, but the combination becomes even more powerful for your organization when it’s mixed with an experienced delivery team, process, and all-encompassing industry expertise across the entire WSA team.