Define and maximize the employee experience, accelerate performance, and build a culture of belonging.

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Data Drives the Science. Science Drives the Outcomes

Our Approach

Our approach to creating a high-performance workforce is based on a foundation of research, experience, and data from years of working with workforces, leaders, and large organizations to survey employees, ask questions of leaders, and apply content and science that works.

Our approach is steadfast but continuously evolving as we learn new insights and effects on workforces. The approach we utilize, just like the solutions we offer, is driven by data — the voice of employees globally. It's a story that's rooted in science, data, and experience, but it's also a story where the chapters continue to unfold. As they do, we learn more. As we learn, we evolve, we teach, and we lead. You can be assured that no matter what is impacting workforces — we have the data and science to empower leaders to continue driving performance.

"A great employee survey is part art and part science. Your company is unique, and your employee experience program should be as well. Our goal when listening to employees is to measure what matters most to them and then, equip leaders to get laser-focused on taking actions to improve their team's performance — and ultimately, the company's performance."

— Kris Erickson, Co-Founder and Director of Consulting, WSA

Identify. Create. Develop.

It starts with measuring engagement levels to truly understand the heartbeat of your organization; to learn how to motivate your employees to want to work harder, stay longer, and care more.

Identify the Best Person for Each Role

Identify the Best Person for Each Role

Contrary to popular belief, talent is not a scarce resource like a diamond in the rough.  Every person you meet is teeming with their own unique set of talents. Our goal is to find the person whose talent is best suited for the job.

Create the Best Workplace for Everyone

Create the Best Workplace for Everyone

The single most impactful thing you can do to drive elite performance is to create an environment where employees are motivated to want to work harder, stay longer, and care more.

Bring Out the Best in Each Person

Bring Out the Best in Each Person

The very best managers know how to individualize. This is about understanding the uniqueness of each person and drawing out their very best.

How We Define the Science of High Performance

Achieving a high-performing workforce is about attracting the very best, refining the organizational experience, and enhancing the individual experience. For an organization to achieve maximum potential in its workforce and higher behavioral and business outcomes, all three components need to come together with precision. Defining the levers and ultimate "sweet spot” of an organization happens through accurate data and proven workforce science to understand the individual needs, talents, contributions, and moments that matter to the employees. When it is combined with the right influence of leadership to drive engagement and ability, and filtered through effective action planning that leads to strengthening priority drivers of an organization, the real magic happens.

Attracting the Very Best

Attracting the Very Best

Historically, psychologists debated what ultimately drove performance, commonly known as “nature vs. nurture”. Nowadays, we know, without a doubt, that performance is not one or the other — it is a combination of both. High performance comes from nature x nurture. The foundation is finding people whose natural, gifts, abilities, and talents are a good fit for the tasks the job requires. Those gifts, abilities, and talents are multiplied over time as they gain experience, know-how, and truly master the craft through nurture.

When you take this individualized performance and combine it into a culture that fosters diverse thinking, people, ideas, and skillsets to work together in a really effective and productive way, it empowers new employees to know how to get work done. It is the number one predictor of retention for high performers. On the reverse, if culture is done incorrectly, it can severely hurt an organization’s performance. What good are high-performing employees when they do not thrive in the culture — and therefore, don’t stick around.

Refining the Organizational Experience

Refining the Organizational Experience

Highly engaged employees are more motivated, committed, and conscientious. They tend to work harder, stay longer, and care more. But engagement alone is not enough. Your highest engaged employees will fail without the training, tools, and resources to do the job effectively.

Without being truly equipped, employees become frustrated. It is imperative that organizations are effective in not only engaging employees but equipping them with what they need to get the job done — it takes both sides of the formula to work effectively. Equip is a component of manager effectiveness. Leaders and managers need to be the voice of their employees, fight for what is needed, and ultimately, hold the torch for ensuring the organizational experience, as a whole, is being managed effectively.

Enhancing the Individual Experience

Enhancing the Individual Experience

When managers have the ability to individualize the employee experience, employees are at their best. Overall, there are company drivers and priorities that drive the organization forward, but each person within those efforts is unique. Managers need to take the time to understand each employee at an individual level to truly pinpoint what motivates and inspires them to perform at higher levels.

Data has shown that a sense of belonging has become a top global driver for most organizations. This sense is driven by a few components: Employees feeling like they are part of a team, that their contribution matters, and that they can be their authentic selves at work. It is also driven by a sense of working for a cause, not a company. What is the larger impact the work has on the world outside of the organization’s walls?

Essentially, every employee experience is a journey within itself. Employees are experiencing not only the tangible but the emotional effects of working for an organization. Within that experience, there are critical moments that matter. When these moments are identified and handled appropriately, they can create enormous momentum for an organization. When they are not identified, or misidentified, and mishandled, they can have long-lasting negative effects on an organization and the employees.

Our Consulting Team

Our consultants are top-notch, but the combination becomes even more powerful for your organization when it is mixed with an experienced delivery team, process, and all-encompassing industry expertise across the entire WSA team.

With decades of consulting experience, we are experts in employee research, and we are here to provide guidance at any point in your journey. If you are not sure where to begin, we can help you design the right program suited to meet your needs. If you want to optimize your current employee experience strategy, we can audit your program against best practices and help you improve it.

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