Workforce Engagement

Leading Engagement With Purpose

At Workforce Science Associates, we believe in Leading Engagement with Purpose, and we’re able to uphold that promise to all of our clients through years of proven delivery, an understanding of “smart engagement” practices and focusing on steady results. This focus empowers us to deliver an impactful workforce engagement solution to every client, every employee and every business leader.

Proven Delivery

We’ve been studying and delivering impactful workforce engagement to organizations for over 40 years. Our team were founders and leaders of one of the most famous employee engagement firms around: Kenexa. And when that journey ended, our new journey began. We’ve been listening to the market, studying the evolution of workforce engagement and while some things have evolved, the true, fundamentals of successfully engaging a workforce remain the same. Our delivery was proven then and it’s proven now. Let us prove it for you.

Smart Engagement

The way we see it, why waste the effort if you’re not going to be smart about the process? Engagement doesn’t happen overnight or within a platform on a Tuesday afternoon, it takes time, focus, persistence and dedication. Doing engagement right requires understanding the science of human behavior, knowing what engagement drivers matter for your employees within your culture, and choosing the few, not the many, to focus on as priorities. Employee surveys can yield an ocean of data. You can’t boil an ocean, so why focus on the many data points that happen to be interesting and not the few that will make an impact? To us, smart employee engagement is simply smart business.

Steady Results

Asking the same question every day won’t change the answer unless your measuring the wrong things. Engagement, especially at high levels, is powerful, enduring, and a relatively stable condition. Processes that yield shifting priorities or changing messages do NOT result in sustainable improvement. Mood and morale may vary week to week or even day to day. Truly engaged employees will remain committed, even on the bad days, in fact, especially on the bad days. Short-term peaks and valleys in employee engagement are rare. There are gradual inclines or declines, warning signs and indicators that tell the story. When we work with organizations, they see results, they improve and they learn about themselves in the process. Doing employee engagement right is about being consistent, deliberate and steady. Steady always wins this race.

Employee Engagement Isn’t Just About a Technology Platform.

It’s About a People Platform.


And it’s personal. It’s about understanding the engagement factors that will make a difference for your workforce—the ones that matter, not just the ones that are interesting. And it’s about using those insights to bring consistent, steady employee engagement results. Technology platforms enable continuous listening and real-time feedback, which certainly has its place in business—but strengthening workforce engagement itself takes persistence and insight to have a lasting impact.

We know the world is telling you best practices for modern-day employee engagement boil down to continuous listening, the right technology and the best platform. But we also know the best outcomes happen with a solid plan in place—one that’s central to the people in your workforce–the ones who want to work harder, stay longer and care more. So, we’re bucking what the world is telling you, and we have good reason to be—because we want you to be as successful as possible. And that requires good planning, a solid foundation, years of expertise behind you and real-time data. Because technology enables, but it’s the people who engage. Good technology is a means to an end, people are the driving factor.

That’s why we are shouting from the rooftops the annual employee engagement survey process isn’t dead, in fact, it’s more valuable than ever. And when mixed with focused listening, done right, it can be, and will be your safest, and most rewarding workforce engagement tool.

Your Business is Important to Us. And so is Your Workforce.


Over the last 40 years, our leadership has founded, led and successfully grown some of the largest workforce engagement businesses in the industry, including Kenexa. With Workforce Science Associates, you’re in hands who are capable of guiding and navigating companies. We promise that our partnership will empower you to realize high levels of individual and team performance and engagement well into the next generation of your workforce. We’ve helped other transform their workforce through employee engagement and we would love to help you do the same.

What Happened to Kenexa?


As founders and leaders of Kenexa, an extremely successful leader in the employee engagement and workforce management industry for years, we get asked this question a lot. So, we decided to tell you the story. Click the button below and we’ll tell you all about it.