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Leading Engagement With Purpose

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Employee Engagement Isn’t Just About A Platform.

It’s About People.

And its personal. It’s about understanding the engagement factors that will make a difference for your workforce—the ones that matter, not just the ones that are interesting. And it’s about using those insights to bring consistent, steady employee engagement results. Technology platforms enable continuous listening and real-time feedback, which certainly has its place in business—but strengthening workforce engagement itself takes persistence and insight to have a lasting impact.

Great Engagement Requires Great Planning

We know the world is telling you best practices for modern-day employee engagement boil down to real-time engagement, the right technology and the best platform. But we also know the best outcomes happen with a solid plan in place—one that’s central to the people in your workforce–the ones you want to work harder, stay longer and care more. So, we’re bucking what the world is telling you, and we have good reason to be—because we want you to be as successful as possible. And that requires good planning, a solid foundation, years of expertise behind you and timely data. Because technology enables, but it’s the people who engage. Good technology is a means to an end, people are the driving factor.

Great Planning Brings Great Results

That’s why we are shouting from the rooftops the annual employee engagement survey process isn’t dead, in fact, it’s more valuable than ever. Engagement, especially at elite levels, is a powerful, enduring, and relatively stable condition. Achieving and sustaining strong engagement across your entire workforce cannot happen with shifting priorities and changing messaging. It takes a relentless commitment to those factors that matter the most to your employees within your culture. And when supported by focused listening, done right, it can be, and will be your safest, and most rewarding workforce engagement tool.

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We Practice What We Preach

You want an engagement partner who avoids bad outcomes, who understands the big picture, and who cares about your team as much as you do. That’s exactly what we have.

Our partners have spent the last 40 years doing ground-breaking, proprietary workforce research to deliver smart engagement that has results. Yes, technology is a part of that, but the bulk of expertise is the science of people. In fact, our founders, started Kenexa, a proven employee engagement solution for HR and business for years. That dream was started with a passion to help build the world’s most engaged workforces, and it quickly grew to a company with over 3,000 employees and $400M in annual sales—while staying true to the founding beliefs. After selling to IBM for 1.3B, the passion and talent didn’t die, in fact, we started Workforce Science Associates with the same core values but a renewed purpose—to share what we’ve learned with the world.Now that real-time feedback and continuous listening have become commonplace, we need to rely on solid workforce science and decades of revealing research to distinguish what innovations we CAN use from those that we SHOULD use.






Clients Served

What Happened To Kenexa?

As founders and leaders of Kenexa, an extremely successful leader in the employee engagement and workforce management  industry for years, we get asked this question a lot. So, we decided to tell you the story. Click the button below and we’ll tell you all about it.

Engage Us In Your Engagement Efforts

We’ll work with any technology provider, or we will provide you with our state-of-the-art platform to utilize, whatever you think will work best for you. Because technology is part of the process, but it’s the people that make the real difference.

Large Healthcare Organization

‘I have seen a lot of opinion surveys and satisfaction surveys-all of which we never could or did do anything with. However, I really like your approach and the science behind it. You really understood how to connect this to our key business strategies. The results are clear, specific and actionable. Thank you for serving up a very clear path forward.’

A woman nurse wearing scrubs and a stethoscope representing the employee engagement approach, science and results she obtained while partnering with Workforce Science Associates on a workforce engagement effort.
Large Healthcare Organization

Large Retail Truck Dealer

“We could not have selected a better partner than Workforce Science Associates. I’m convinced our program would not have resonated with our senior leaders, or have ultimately been successful without them.”

A semi truck driving up the mountains on a highway representing the powerful approach to getting employee engagement results to resonate with senior leaders and the results they obtained while partnering with Workforce Science Associates on a workforce engagement effort.
Large Retail Truck Dealer
VP, Engagement