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Employee Engagement

The science of understanding how to create an environment where employees want to work harder, stay longer, and care more.

Applying the Science to Know What Works

The key to developing a higher-performing workforce is understanding where your organization is and knowing the right levers to pull over time and make progress. This insight is gained from an employee engagement survey — the heart of the science of a high-performing workforce. It helps us understand the levels of motivation, commitment, and conscientiousness of your workforce — of every employee, every day. It is the temperature check on the level of engagement — a baseline into what folks care about and what they want to weigh in on across the organization — it’s the “I want to…” heart of your workforce.

This gives us a focus to understand the enablers of high performance for leadership, what the key factors of great leaders are across your organization that drives engagement, and how to coach those attributes to increase leadership effectiveness. It also unveils the factors that equip and contribute to what employees are able to do. If employees are appropriately equipped with the right tools, processes, and resources, they will be enabled to perform at their highest level. In other words, they will be equipped to be more engaged.

Once we have measurement and have insight into what drives employee engagement, the factors needed to equip employees to do their job, and what contributes to great leadership, we understand what matters so we can create moments that matter most.


A Combination of Art and Science

There is no “one size fits all” to survey design. All employee engagement surveys are based on validated science that includes proven methodology, validated content, global top drivers, industry and geography factors, and continuous new research. That science is combined with the art of your organization. These are the components that are unique to you such as your mission, vision and values, organizational initiatives, operational challenges, company culture, HR strategy and goals, and your listening strategy.

Robust and Reliable Benchmarks

Our benchmarks consist of a three-year rolling database of hundreds of items collected from employees across virtually every industry and country around the world. Over the last three years, WSA has administered over 1,100 survey projects to over 10 million employees and added over 116 million engagement survey responses to our database. We offer overall, industry, country, high performance, composite, and custom engagement benchmarks.

The Drivers that Matter

Our employee engagement efforts lay on the foundation of six top global drivers scientifically validated by research and years of studying millions of employees across workforces, countries, and industries.

Moving the Needle

The key to developing a higher-performing workforce is understanding where your organization is and knowing the right levers to pull to make progress after the survey results come in.

Step One: Executive Dialogue

The first step is a deep dive analysis to turn over every stone in the data and run a combination of statistical analyses to hone in on the story of your organization. This helps leaders know what employees are thinking, feeling, and needing.

Buy-in and commitment from leadership are critical to moving the needle. Without it, your engagement engine will continue to churn at a lower rate and could quite possibly burn out.

Step Two: Making it Crayon Simple

Your managers are busy, yet employee engagement is crucial to their success and yours — which is why we work hard to make the manager training crayon simple with a multitude of tools and resources. We start with a webinar led by a WSA consultant that helps managers understand how to interpret the results and take effective action.

Additionally, we design a dashboard interface that makes the process even easier. Our dashboard interface includes a clear understanding of survey results, on-screen explanations and best practice recommendations, consultant-led instructional videos, feedback meeting agendas, focused listening questions, recommended sample action steps, and more. We understand that most managers are not experts in employee engagement, so we strive to ensure they are carefully coached through every step in the process.

Step Three: Staying the Course

An important piece to an engagement survey is a follow-up on progress and asking for feedback from your employees six months after the action planning process has taken place. History has proven that employees who are not followed up within a timely manner or do not see action taken from their feedback become less engaged and are less likely to provide feedback in the future. Simply put, if they don’t see the effort, then in return they will stop providing the fuel you need to make your organization better.

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