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Leadership Coaching

The science of driving a precision focus to accelerate leadership effectiveness.

The Science of Development

Without the appropriate measurements and insights, leadership coaching isn’t effective and can create a distraction or even misdirect developmental efforts.  Consequently, without the proper insights, it may not yield a return on investment, thereby simply creating wasted time and effort. That’s why our coaching efforts are based on feedback centered around success factors that gives insight to critical areas of development and gaps while also highlighting areas of strength your leaders can learn how to enhance, strategically apply and continually reinforce.


Multiple Coaching Pathways

As part of our standard efforts, we provide coaching workshops that enable your leaders to gain an understanding of their skills, abilities, and behaviors. They receive group coaching on how to interpret their results effectively to ensure they understand where they are impacting engagement and performance and where they may be hindering performance or their own potential.

In addition, we offer a variety of one-to-one opportunities with our WSA consultants to provide a higher level of impact and velocity on leadership effectiveness. These efforts include a 90-minute deep dive with each leader, working closely with them on the creation, execution, and progression of development and coaching action plans unique to their individual and organizational profiles.

Some organizations prefer to appoint development ambassadors and mentors and utilize WSA consultant services to teach and train a select number of leaders on how to utilize our proven leadership and execute coaching techniques. This is typically done through structured enablement workshops led by one or more WSA consultants.

Awareness is Incredibly Impactful

Leadership coaching is formulated through precise insights driven by data and science of the individual and organizational assessments. The outcome of this practice is increased leadership effectiveness on an individual level and a collective leadership level, which results in an impact on performance and engagement across the organization.



Strengthening leadership effectiveness


Strengths and development opportunities


Alignment shifts to impact engagement and excellence

Four Steps to Increased Leadership Effectiveness

Once the self-assessment and organizational assessment are complete the leader receives a report with individual insights, development content, and action planning guidance so they have a clear picture of how to move the needle on performance and the best method to impact engagement and performance across their teams.

From there, a variety of leadership workshops, enablement sessions, coaching, and progression follow-up efforts can be undertaken based on the customized plan of your organization.


Individual leadership coaching and development efforts are defined after the execution of our 360 leadership assessment.  Explore the 360 leadership assessment and the leadership self-assessment further in the links below.

Leadership Self-Assessment

360 Leadership Assessments

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