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360 Leadership Assessments

The science of gaining a well-rounded view of leadership performance.

Leadership Performance is Critical

Leaders not only represent the most direct communication channel to employees, but they control and maneuver the most critical engagement levers across the organization. Creating a synergy between the science of employee engagement and the science of leadership effectiveness creates a powerful tool for insight, action planning, and development. It’s a formula that has an incredible positive impact on your employee experience and workforce performance.

Insights that Drive the Employee Experience

360 feedback has a time, a place, and a purpose. The strategy, item design, and output are intended to gather feedback and insight that measure specific behaviors exhibited by managers from those who work with them every day. Specifically, insights can be gained by learning how someone interacts with, listens to, communicates with, motivates, recognizes, inspires, holds accountable, develops, and encourages those they work closely with as equals, managers, and reports.

Elevate Your Impact

A 360-degree analysis of leadership performance brings clarity to the effectiveness of employee interactions and how leadership feedback, guidance, and recognition are received by the employee versus how the leader feels they should be received.

The analysis provides a roadmap for the leader’s development plan to maximize current areas of strength and overcome gaps in delivery or behavior. It also informs overall investment in leadership success and recruitment–identifying areas of gaps in leadership skill across the leadership team that can become priority traits and skills for new leader success profiles to further impact organizational KPI’s.

This amount of precision then drives a higher level of leadership excellence and organizational performance–creating a powerful tool used in the employee experience when used for the right purpose and in combination with what drives high performance in your workforce.



Effectiveness of employee interactions


Strengths and development opportunities


Strengthening leadership effectiveness


Alignment shifts to impact engagement and excellence

Every Step in the Process Serves a Purpose

There are three critical steps to a 360 Leadership assessment. Each one serves a valuable role to get to a leadership development plan that aligns to organizational priorities and strengthens leadership impact on achieving those objectives.

During the first step, leaders rate themselves on behaviors aligned to foundational drivers of employee engagement and operational excellence. This is imperative to:

  • Leaders gaining a sense of how they perceive themselves through leadership self-awareness
  • To identify opportunities for development and strength building for leadership development
  • Understanding how leaders interact, listen, communicate, motivate, recognize, and inspire employees with a true leadership analysis

The second step is collecting perspectives from managers, peers, and direct reports on these same measures. This is imperative to:

  • The ability to align employee feedback and leadership feedback to identify and align strengths and existing gaps through leadership alignment
  • To identify opportunities for development and strength building for leadership development
  • Understand leadership key priorities to better facilitate conversations with managers, mentors, and employees

The third step is the analysis of the feedback. Individual leaders receive their personalized 360° feedback report that provides a comparison rating scale of all respondent groups, comprehensive performance data correlated to individual drivers, areas of strengths and opportunities that align to leadership performance, a gap analysis of unrecognized strengths and potential blind spots, and guidance on creating an effective action plan.

This empowers the organization to pinpoint areas for alignment shifts that would benefit employee engagement and operational excellence, strengthening leadership impact and arms each manager with a roadmap of priorities to strengthen leadership effectiveness and produce leadership precision. 

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