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Our Partnership with Qualtrics

Delivering World-Class Technology to WSA Clients

We have partnered with Qualtrics, the world’s number one employee experience (EX) technology provider, to bring our clients a delivery system that is proven and powerful. Qualtrics’ platform offers extreme flexibility with a clean and simple interface and sophistication to manage the most complex employee experience programs. And, we love the people and culture at Qualtrics. Qualtrics embodies its values (a.k.a. T.A.C.O.S), which align so well with our WSA dna — we feel like one team.
Through our partnership with Qualtrics, our clients receive the very best technology combined with the very best research and science available – the winning formula for success.

How We Work With Qualtrics

Some of our clients we meet through Qualtrics, and others come straight through our front door. Either way, your partnership is important to us — and to Qualtrics. That is why, regardless of how we met, we will be in lockstep throughout the journey.

Qualtrics acquired the largest normative database from Kenexa in 2018, which mixes perfectly with the fact that the WSA leadership team-built Kenexa and the normative database over the company’s years in the HCM space. So, the two companies are in some ways, the perfect connection. The result is a higher level of support and consultation than you would ever get from a technology provider on a stand-alone basis. And, as the world innovates, so do we — together. We promise you nothing but the best experience and the greatest expertise through your journey with us, whether you are dealing with WSA, Qualtrics, or both.

Proud to be Qualtrics' Partner of the Year

“This recognition from Qualtrics further validates that our methodology, which combines leading-edge technology with expert consulting and delivery, delivers results that help every organization improve performance.”

— Zach Canaday, Co-Founder, WSA

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Proud Contributors to X4

We are proud partners of Qualtrics and the annual X4: Experience Management Summit that focuses on delivering exceptional customer, product, brand, and employee experiences to life.

We joined them in 2019 as a partner, as participants, and as speakers at the X4: Experience Management Summit, and we will be joining them again at the next annual event.

Check back for updates on the 2021 WSA X4 presence, or click below to visit the X4: Experience Management Summit website.

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