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A strong employee experience is built on what truly matters to your employees. Our unique combination of art and science ensures your leaders are focused on the levers that will create the best outcomes for your employees and your organization.

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Employee Engagement

A great employee experience begins with understanding the heartbeat of your organization—specifically the unique and specific nuisances of employee engagement. Let’s dive in.


Learn how to think about and capture the true essence of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging across your workforce.

Pulse Surveys

Learn how to gain actionable insights that compliment annual employee engagement efforts.

Lifecycle Surveys

Understand your employee’s experience during key moments in the employee lifecycle.


Know what matters most to employees worldwide with benchmarks and insights from WSAData.

Leadership Consulting

Enable leaders at each level of your organization for success with Leadership Consulting.


Learn about our business, meet our leadership, know what drives our passion for workforce performance, and gain a true understanding of what it's like to work with us.

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Our consultants are some of the world’s best when it comes to improving the employee experience. Learn their backgrounds, experience a little bit about who they are, both personally and professionally.

Project Management

Explore our delivery methods and available offerings for your organization.


Our partners mean the world to us, literally. We are proud to partner with the best and brightest to accelerate and provide added value to your employee experience solutions.


Explore our extensive resource library to gain insights on improving your workforce.

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Workforce Performance Lab

Learn how to drive high performance with data and research from the Workforce Performance Lab.

Articles and Best Practices

Leverage our library of articles and best practices for answers to common workforce questions.


Our blogs covering a wide-range of topics--from tidbits to trends to tips on best practices. Take a look, we are sure you'll find something useful.

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See how we have increased employee engagement and organizational outcomes for our clients.

Research Consultant-Employee Experience

Job Opening

About WSA

At Workforce Science Associates (WSA), we believe in the power of applying the right science to make people and organizations successful. We believe in empowering businesses to measure what matters when it matters, across their workforce, so they, in turn, can motivate their people to work harder, stay longer, and care more. We believe that employee’s lives are never better than when they are highly engaged and using their talents to contribute to a company they believe in—that’s why we focus on creating high performing workforces that transform businesses.

Over the last 40 years, our leadership has founded, led, and successfully grown some of the largest workforce engagement businesses in the industry. WSA is the next evolution of this expertise, and over the last few years has experienced fast-paced growth serving clients from small businesses to some of the world’s largest global corporations and best-known brands.

The WSA family is full of hand-picked consultants from Fortune 1000 and Fortune 500 companies and project managers with long-term knowledge and experience in the marketplace.

As we continue to grow and drive the success and transformation of our clients, we must continue driving our own workforce forward.

We are currently looking for an experienced Research Consultant to join our team and manage the collection, gathering, and output of critical customer data.

About This Role

As a WSA Research Consultant, your job will be to design research strategies from organizational data and employee feedback across our customer’s organizations to fulfill the needs of the executive presentation, and the consultant assigned to the account.

You will be expected to collect and review data that may include reports, electronic data through our survey platform, phone interviews, and other data-collection methods. You will interpret, mine, and analyze the data for relevancy, insights, and key themes.

Additional duties include mining industry and related data to highlight industry trends and summarizing the essential information through data analysis to share with the broader WSA employee experience team.

To succeed in this role, you should have excellent time management and communication skills, and an appreciation and passion for forming a story from data and insights. You will continuously be collaborating with internal teams to deliver results by the desired deadline.


  • Gather and analyze data from WSA client survey outputs
  • Collect and review reports, data, and insight to form a story
  • Develop and input charts, data, and metrics into client presentations
  • Collaborate with WSA Consultants on executive presentations and final results
  • Work with WSA Project Managers and Coordinators to complete client projects
  • Be in tune with industry research, trends, and data to share with the broader consultant team
  • Formulate and/or review content from data in the form of article, blogs, and whitepapers


  • Three to five years in statistics, research, or data-pulling job functions
  • Passion for data collection and highlighting key discoveries and insights
  • High-level of accuracy and data investigation
  • High-level of curiosity to track down data and insights when needed
  • High-level verbal communication to clearly and concisely explain learnings collected through data analysis
  • Ability to write clearly and explain data in a concise and direct manner
  • Comfort level in working with clients is optional
  • Strong working knowledge of Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint
  • Statistics software experiences, such as SPSS, R, SAS, or other
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities
  • Process-oriented
  • Ability to work autonomously, completing assignments without too much managerial oversight

About Our Culture

Before you apply, it’s important that you understand what we believe, what we stand for, and how we get work done. You see, having the right skills is important, but even more important is working in a culture where you can thrive, be successful, and feel motivated to get the job done right. Internal environments vary from company-to-company before we invite you to join our group, and before you request an invitation, we want to ensure our environment is right for you. After all, it’s a huge part of building a high-performance workforce—we do it for our clients every day so why wouldn’t we do it for ourselves?

What’s it’s like inside our walls is wrapped up in ten statements, known as WSA DNA. These core ten beliefs envelope how we come together to deliver collectively, who we are, and the standards we expect from everyone who joins the WSA team. You see, WSA isn’t simply what we do, it’s part of who we are. Read through these statements and if it sounds like an environment you can thrive in, well, we would be happy to chat.

WSA is an equal opportunity employer committed to advancing, cultivating, and preserving a culture of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging because it makes us a stronger and more successful company. People with diverse personal experiences are urged to apply, especially those that can offer unique contributions in terms of their race, ethnicity, culture, sex, gender identity and expression, nation of origin, age, languages spoken, religion, disability, sexual orientation and beliefs.

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