The New Voice of Our Employees

What You Need to Know from Employees Around the World

Learn how to delineate between foundational psychological drivers of employee engagement and the new emerging factors that are growing increasingly critical to workforce performance. Understand which levers of the employee experience have changed, which ones remain steady, and which ones are more critical than ever before.

Based on learnings from over 40 years of employee research and data that spans 15 million employees globally and across industries, Shelly Doty will discuss global drivers of employee engagement and provide insight into diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in the workplace.

Listen to Shelly Doty, Executive Consultant, WSA, discuss the research and in the SHRM online community.

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About the Presenter: Shelly Doty is an executive consultant and leader for Workforce Science Associates. Previously, she was an executive of IBM Kenexa’s Workforce Sciences practices. Doty has nearly 25 years of experience in employee feedback program design, employee engagement; culture surveys; diversity, equity, and inclusion; lifecycle surveys; and leadership assessment programs. She has spent her career working with global clients to help them understand what motivates and drives their workforce. Doty has helped transform organizational strategy by partnering with and enabling clients to bring forth a better employee experience.

Learn more about the voice of the employee in the WSA research report Employee Engagement: The Trends in a Worldwide Pandemic.