What Happened to Kenexa?


We think there is something missing, and we think we might be the best people to fill the gap. We changed this industry once, and we think we can do it again.

Our Calling

It’s now our calling to share what we have learned about the psychology behind elite performance, and how to use it to dramatically improve key business outcomes. We can do it for you, or we can teach it to you. Contact us to figure out your best alternative…

The Landscape of Human Capital

The tools have evolved—the science has not! Faster and cheaper is good—inadequate points of view are not!

We Are Just Getting Started (Again)

We have spent the last 40 years doing ground-breaking, proprietary workforce engagement research—research we still use at Workforce Science Associates. You see, while technology has changed the way business delivers surveys and pulse measurements, the core understanding, drivers and priorities of employee engagement remain the same. Our method of determining what priorities are right for your employee engagement efforts and what data is most important to your business was a large contributing to the quick growth of Kenexa. Kenexa grew from a team of two, to 200 employees fueled by $40 Million in annual sales. Staying true to our science, we took Kenexa public, and grew to over 3,000 employees with $400 Million annual sales. And our core competency was, and remains, all about managing ours and your most important resource—the workforce. This history will only be enriched as many of the best people in the industry join us in our adventure.

It’s Been a Rewarding Journey.

From Kenexa talent management solutions to Workforce Science Associates workforce engagement offerings, the experiences, learnings and interactions have been too many to count for our leadership team. We’ve encountered so much, learned countless insights, and shared and taught some of the largest organizations in the world about “smart” employee engagement practices and processes.  We couldn’t possibly list them all, so we’ve shared the most critical milestones below with you.

Looking for more? Contact us, we would love to hear from you.

  • 1975—Bill leaves

    1975—Bill leaves a rewarding career teaching psychology to join SRI (later Gallup) where he worked his way up to EVP of the fastest growing division of Gallup’s Selection and Development business.

  • 1986—Kris

    1986—Kris joins Gallup right out of college, starting one of the most productive careers in HR research and consulting.

  • 1990—Bill

    1990—Bill leaves Gallup to start Human Resource Innovations (HRI) which takes the Employee Engagement industry by storm.

  • 1992—The series

    1992—The series of mergers, acquisitions and name changes begins that eventually leads to “Kenexa”.

  • 1993—Bill

    1993—Bill becomes Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the new company. A talented team is formed and the unprecedented growth and innovation begins.

  • 2000 – Bill

    2000 – Bill hires Zach as a Sales Executive for Kenexa

  • 2003 – Zach

    2003 – Zach becomes the group’s top seller, and remains so for the next eight years.

  • 2004—Kris

    2004—Kris becomes SVP of HR for a fast- growing Healthcare organization.

  • 2005—NYSE

    2005—NYSE IPO—KNXA

  • 2008—Kris

    2008—Kris joins Kenexa. Becomes rookie of the year. Rapidly becomes the organization’s most effective engagement consultant.

  • 2009 – Zach

    2009 – Zach is winning and working with many of the largest clients in the world, helping to cement Kenexa as the industry leader of HCM solutions.

  • 2011 – Zach

    2011 – Zach, becomes Vice President of Sales for Kenexa’s behavioral sciences division.

  • 2012—IBM

    2012—IBM buys Kenexa for $1.3 Billion.

  • 2013—Bill

    2013—Bill departs IBM. Waiting and watching begins.

  • 2014 – Zach

    2014 – Zach is promoted to IBM’s Sales Leader for the Kenexa brand segment in North America.

  • 2015—Kris

    2015—Kris designs and orchestrates the second largest employee survey ever conducted.

  • 2016—Zach

    2016—Zach incorporates WSA

  • 2017—Bill

    2017—Bill and Kris become founding partners of WSA and the work begins.